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Our family has been eating quail eggs raw and cooked for over 20 years. We have personally seen and experienced the benefits of consuming the amazing little eggs. We've used them on our hair and scalp to produce soft, conditioned hair and no more dandruff. Asthma and allergy sufferers amongst us have used quail eggs to treat and diminish their symptoms. By simply ingesting raw quail eggs, those within our family have noticed less eczema outbreaks. The following is a recipe for a quail egg smoothie. (Our recommendation for someone who doesn't have the stomach to swallow the raw eggs on their own.)



Quail Egg Smoothie

(per 1 Serving)

1/2 of a Banana

1/2 Cup Strawberries

100g vanilla yogurt

1/2 cup milk

2 tsp honey

3 raw quail eggs

(*option if using fresh

fruit/ yogurt -

add 1 cup ice*)

Blend until smooth,



A quail egg is about the size of a grape tomato, and inside, the yolk is quite large in comparison with the egg white. Although there is little difference in taste between quail eggs and chicken eggs, the nutritional difference is outstanding. Quail eggs contain less calories than chicken eggs. And while the cholesterol levels present the same, the cholesterol in quail eggs is actually different, and is the good kind- known as HDL cholesterol. Quail eggs have three to four times the amount of nutrients compared to chicken eggs. While some of the vitamin and mineral contents are similar, quail eggs boast more of  each in nutritional value.

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Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs are less likely to cause allergies. They have immune boosting properties that have been used to treat and cure many diseases. Asthma patients who consume raw quail  eggs noticed a significant decrease in congestion and attacks. Seasonal allergies and the reacurrance of cold and flu symptoms can be reduced by ingesting raw quail eggs. Quail eggs have also been shown as an effective holistic medicine for a variety of other illnesses and allergies.

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Besides the nutritional importance of quail eggs, we've found them to be an amazing substitute (using 5 Quail Eggs to 1  Chicken Egg) in baking recipes that call for chicken eggs. We find that our baked goods are far more moist and delicious! Though we may be a little biased ;), we've found a lot of significant evidence and research that justifies our belief in the the healthiness of quail eggs. You can find some more great articles on the benefits of quail eggs below; - An article about the hidden benefits of Quail eggs - A brief description of quail eggs and uses around the world. - An article from an online health consultant and DIY hatchery specialist.


*While we stand behind the claims of these articles, we hold no responsibility of the authenticity and credibility of the articles or their authors.*

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